1A Syllabus

The Pedagogy of You: Education for Liberation

English 1A – University Reading and Composition

CRN 72303 ~ Section 043 ~ T/TH 11:10AM-12:25PM ~ BNGL 704



Instructor: Edissa Nicolas                                                                   Office: Batmale 618

E-mail: enicolas@ccsf.edu                                                                  Phone: (415) 239-3383

Class BLOG: http://www.nicolasenglish1a.wordpress.com                        Office Hours: TUE 2-3PM

Writing Lab: TUE 3-4PM; THUR 3-5PM; SAT 9/6,10/4, 11/1, 12/12 10AM-1PM, Rosenberg Library, Room 205


Description of English 1A—Academic Writing and Reading: This 3-unit, CSU/UC-transferable English course is a university-level reading, writing and critical thinking class, which offers training and practice in objective argumentative essay writing, critical reading and writing, and MLA instruction with emphasis in developing research and documentation skills.



  • To write and revise in-class and out-of-class essays that rely on text-based, argumentative strategies, demonstrate sound reasoning and offer credible evidence
  • To develop and demonstrate reading comprehension of critical essays, articles and books and write accurate and concise summaries of them
  • To create consistently strong sentences using coordinators, subordinators and parallel structure
  • To practice integrating sources as evidence and using MLA parenthetical citations
  • To show proficiency in Standard Written English, including editing and revision processes
  • To practice analyzing and annotating critical essays and full-length non-fiction texts and make connections between abstract ideas
  • To develop and defend objective thesis statements



Textbooks                 Rules for Writers, D. Hacker or other current handbook,

and Materials:          The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, B. Perry

Dreams From My Father B. Obama

They Say/I Say, Graff and Birkenstein: Optional/Extra Credit

Standard college-level paperback dictionary: American Heritage

College-ruled notebook paper

Folder or binder notebook in which to keep handouts, assignments, and graded essays


Attendance: You will need to attend class regularly to succeed in this course; attendance will be taken at every class meeting. Please arrive on time and be prepared to work. If you must miss class, let me know in advance in person or by email. You are responsible for work assigned or due in your absence.


Reading Assignments: Assigned reading is due on the day it is listed on the schedule though it is subject to change. Please come to class prepared to participate in discussion.


Writing Assignments: You will write several essays throughout the semester as well as a substantial amount of in-class free-writing, grammar exercises and writing strategies designed to build your academic writing skills. Essay drafts for peer workshops, and final drafts of take-home essays must be typed. In-class work should be hand-written in pen.


Note: Plagiarism is not tolerated at City College of San Francisco. Plagiarism includes using words and ideas that are not your own without crediting the source properly, getting someone else to write your paper, or having someone rewrite/edit sentences for you. Students engaging in plagiarism will receive an “F” on the assignment and may be dropped from the course.


Peer Review: Peer Reviews are designed to give students feedback and support on typed drafts. They are mandatory and missing a Peer Review will result in loss of ten-point reduction on the essay’s final grade.


Presentation: You will be expected to make a group presentation during the semester based on work read in class (worth 50 points toward your final grade).


Grading Policy: For each assignment, I will communicate the specific criteria on which your score will be based. In general, you will be graded on content, clarity, organization, and development. Issues of style and usage, including sentence variety and grammatical correctness, will also factor heavily into the overall grade of each essay after lessons on that topic have been taught. If at any time you disagree with the grade given, please arrange to discuss it with me.


Grade Breakdown: You must receive a C or higher to pass English 1A. Your final grade will be determined as follows:


Class participation and attendance:                                          100 points

Letter assignment, Essay #1:                                                    100 points

Essay #2:                                                                                 100 points

Midterm (Essay #3):                                                                150 points

Essay #4:                                                                                 100 points

Research Paper #5:                                                                  150 points

Journals (10, 1-2 pages each) #6:                                             200 points

Group Presentation:                                                                 50 points

Supplemental English Lab visits (16 hours):                             50 points

Extra credit:

17-22 documented visits to the Writing Lab:                    30 points

Assigned Campus/college-event participation and summary: 20 points

TSIS Chapter Summaries:                                                             50 points


Additional Resources / Special Arrangements: Students who need academic accommodations should request them from the Disabled Students Programs and Services in the Rosenberg Library.


The Lab Page–

Purdue Online Writing Lab: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/


Classroom Etiquette: Please no cell phones in class. If you have small children, you may leave your cell phone on silent mode and take your calls outside the classroom. Please limit calls to emergencies only so that we maintain focus and unity in the classroom. Also, CCSF policy is that no food is permitted in our classrooms. I appreciate your kindness and cooperation!


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